Pet Emergency Care

At DeWitt Animal Hospital, we prioritize the health and well-being of your pets, and we understand that emergencies can happen at any time.

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Pet Emergency Care in Plainville, MA

Please call us at (508) 695-0261 for instructions for after-hour emergencies or click here for a listing of emergency facilities.

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Pet Emergency Care

In the event of an emergency outside regular business hours, please contact our telephone number at (508) 695-0261. Our experienced staff will provide instructions and guidance on the necessary steps to take for your pet’s emergency care.

We recognize the urgency of pet emergencies and are committed to promptly responding. Our team is trained to handle various emergencies, from sudden illnesses to injuries, ensuring that your pet receives immediate attention and care.

DeWitt Animal Hospital has a team of trained and experienced veterinary professionals equipped to handle emergency cases. Our staff is well-versed in emergency protocols, diagnostic procedures, and critical care to address your pet’s needs effectively.

Key Aspect of Pet Emergency Care

Emergency Facilities Listing

For your convenience, we provide a listing of emergency facilities or reference. This information can be accessed on our website or obtained by contacting our main telephone number. Having access to emergency facilities ensures that your pet receives care even outside our regular operating hours.

Compassionate Approach

During emergencies, we understand the stress and anxiety pet owners may experience. Our team approaches each situation with compassion and empathy, keeping you informed about your pet’s condition and involving you in the decision-making process for their care.

Continuous Communication
Open and continuous communication is essential during emergency situations. We keep pet owners informed about their pets’ progress, treatment plans, and any recommended follow-up care to facilitate understanding and collaboration in the care process.
Critical Care and Monitoring:

Our emergency care services extend to critical care and continuous monitoring as needed. Whether your pet requires intensive care, diagnostic imaging, or emergency surgery, our facility is equipped to provide comprehensive and immediate interventions.

Follow-Up Care

After emergency interventions, we provide follow-up care and guidance to ensure the ongoing well-being of your pet. This may include additional treatments, medications, or further diagnostics as needed for a complete recovery.

Comprehensive Emergency Services

Our emergency care services encompass a wide range of situations, including trauma, illness, toxicity, and other critical conditions. Whether it’s a sudden onset of symptoms or an accident, our team is here to provide the necessary care and support.

Choose DeWitt Animal Hospital in Plainville, MA, for reliable and compassionate pet emergency care. We are dedicated to ensuring that your pets receive the immediate attention and intervention they need during unexpected and urgent situations.