Pet Dentistry

At DeWitt Animal Hospital, we understand the significance of oral health in pets, and our comprehensive pet dentistry services are designed to ensure your furry companions maintain healthy and happy smiles.

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Pet Dentistry in Plainville, MA

Our clinic, located in Plainville, MA, offers a range of dental services, including teeth cleaning and polishing, dental X-rays, tooth extractions, and minor oral surgery.

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Pet Dentistry

Pet dentistry involves the professional care and maintenance of oral health in animals. This specialized veterinary field addresses issues such as plaque and tartar buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay in pets. Services often include routine teeth cleaning, polishing, dental X-rays for diagnostic purposes, and procedures like tooth extractions or minor oral surgery when necessary. Pet dentistry enhances the overall well-being of animals. It focuses on preventive measures, client education, and the importance of at-home dental care practices to ensure pets maintain healthy and comfortable smiles throughout their lives.

Key Aspect of Pet Dentistry

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Routine teeth cleaning is a fundamental aspect of preventive pet dental care. Our veterinary team employs professional-grade dental tools to remove plaque and tartar, providing a thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth. Polishing follows to help deter the reattachment of harmful substances.

Tooth Extractions

In cases where dental issues cannot be resolved through cleaning alone, our veterinary team may recommend tooth extractions. This may be necessary for severely damaged or diseased teeth, and our experienced veterinarians ensure a comfortable and safe extraction process for your pet.

Preventive Dental Care

Beyond treatment, we emphasize preventive dental care for pets. Our team provides guidance on at-home dental care practices, including tooth brushing techniques and recommendations for dental-friendly treats and toys, helping pet owners establish routines that contribute to ongoing oral health.

Dental X-rays
Our clinic utilizes dental X-rays as part of our diagnostic arsenal. These X-rays enable us to visualize the internal structures of your pet’s teeth and identify potential issues, such as hidden dental fractures, abscesses, or abnormalities that may not be apparent during a visual examination.
Minor Oral Surgery

Our expertise extends to minor oral surgery procedures when needed. Whether addressing growths, cysts, or other oral abnormalities, our veterinary team is equipped to perform safe and effective minor oral surgeries to promote your pet’s oral health.

Pain Management
Pain management is a priority in our dental services. We ensure your pet’s comfort throughout any dental procedure, and our team provides post-operative care guidance to manage any discomfort during the recovery period.

We believe in the importance of client education. Our veterinarians take the time to educate pet owners about the significance of oral health, the potential consequences of untreated dental issues, and the steps they can take to support their pets’ dental well-being at home.

Choose DeWitt Animal Hospital for pet dentistry services in Plainville, MA, where we combine professional expertise, advanced diagnostics, and compassionate care to promote the oral health of your cherished pets.